Least Error Cartesian Meshing

This is actually the Project Euler problem of last week – I know it’s not good to post the answer of new problems here, but this is indeed a very intriguing problem. In short, the problem is as follows: Given a unit circle within radius of 1, we try to represent it by non-uniform mesh. N lines are inserted into the square [-1, 1] x [-1, 1]. Cells are colored red if they overlap with the unit circle, black otherwise. Find the way to make the red area minimum. Here is my solution on N = 16. Continue reading “Least Error Cartesian Meshing”

Sudoku Solution – Project Euler #96

This is a Python solution for Project Euler #96, to find the solution for sudokus.

The speed is modest (0.750s with pypy on Windows 7 @ i5 2.60GHz), but the code is relatively short and hopefully the idea is clear. Enjoy.
1. Find candidates for all items. If only one exists for a blank, fill it in.
2. Note down the blank with least but more than one candidates.
3. Copy the matrix and trial the candidates recursively until all blanks are filled.
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